Day 9 - Leaving Polonnaruwa - bus to Dambulla - Cave temples

  • we got tuk-tuk to the bus station in the morning for 300 rupees
  • took bus from Polonnaruwa to Dambulla - travel time was around 2 hours, costed us 200 rupees for both
  • arrived in Dambulla around noon.
  • checked-in to Avinka Holiday Home.
  • walked 10 minutes to Cave temples in Dambulla (entrance fee 1500 rupees each).
  • Climbed up to the cave temples which were carved to the rock in 1st century BC and spent afternoon there.

In front of the cave temples in Dambulla

Video: Dambulla cave temples - Cave Maharaja Vihara

  • had dinner in the town - fish with rice (paid 1200 rupees for both). Nice change from all the Rice and curry meals we had.
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