Day 8 - Polonnaruwa the ancient city

  • woke up late in the morning, had traditional Sri lankan breakfast (string hoppers, curry, rotti etc.)


  • decided to rent bikes for the day
  • went to see the ruins of ancient city - skipped the insane entrance fee and saw only the free parts of the ancient city (Island park, Southern ruins).
  • cycled along the lake and out of Polonnaruwa (apprx.10 km).
  • stopped in wooden carving shop and bought amazing 5 peaces of beautifully carved statues (2 elephants, 2 Budhas and wooden carved box) from Mahagoni - all for 12 500 rupees.
  • Had another amazing dinner in our Guesthouse (different variation of Chicken Rice and Curry)
  • Had "Slivovic" and local drink called "Arac" - coconut snaps with the owner of our hotel and Jacqueline and Adrien.
  • Had another fun evening sharing our travel stories with them.
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