Day 7 - Safari in Minneriya park

  • Had a very nice breakfast on our balcony in the Ancient village hotel.
  • Went to a walk around the lake and had a quick bite.
  • After lunch went to safari with the scottish couple and another couple from Netherland to the Minneryia national park. During dry season many elephants are migrating to this park due to the large lake in the middle of the park. This is called "gathering".
  • After quite long ride in the back of our jeep we reached the entrance to the park. During the ride we were talking with our companions in the jeep. We learned that Adrien and Jacqueline are living currently in Valencia - teaching English. After racing their 4 kids they decided to change their lives and moved out from Scotland first to Italy and then to Spain. They also travelled around the world for 1 year. It was very nice to listen to their interesting stories from their travels.
  • We were all excited to see the elephants. It did not take long until we spotted some of them. We followed few other jeeps and got to large open space around the lake where most of the elephants were gathering and more and more were coming.
  • It was amazing to see the elephants in their natural habitat. We saw around 100 elephants.
  • We spent the rest of the day watching the elephants and came back to the hotel after dark excited and amazed with those beautiful creatures.
  • We had another amazing rice and curry for the dinner in our hotel. The owner had some experience with Czech people and asked us whether we have "Slivovic". We drunk half a bottle together with the scottish couple and had fun until late night, sharing our travel stories.

Watching elephnats in Minneryia national park

Video: Watching elephants in Minneryia national park

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