Day 6 - Leaving Anuradhapura - Bus to Polonnaruwa

  • We left Anuradhapura in the morning from the Bus station in the new town. We catched the bus from Anuradhapura to Polonnaruwa. The travel time was around 3 hours. It costed us 160 rupees each.
  • Walking to our guesthouse which we booked the day before, we met Jacqueline and Adrien - a lovely scottish couple. They were going to the same guesthouse.
  • After checking-in to Hotel Ancient Village, Adrien asked us if we want to go to Safari with them to the nearby Minneriya National Park the next day as it is going to be cheaper in 4 people (we paid 4500 rupees each). 
  • We rented bicycles for the rest of the day and cycled around the city and lake. We saw plenty of monkeys, varans, birds and other animals.

Varan in Polonnaruwa

Watching monkeys

Riding a bike in Polonnaruwa



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