Day 3 - Kandy

  • Went to see Sri Dalada Maligawa - Temple of the Tooth, which is the most important Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. The temple houses the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha.
  • We met local guide in front of the entrance. He offered guidance through the temple for 1000 rupees. I tried to haggle and got the price down to 800 rupees. (Entrance fee for foreigners is 1000 each. Locals pay much less.).
  • Before entering the temple we had to take off our shoes and cover our legs.
  • The guide walked us through the temple and explained the Buddhist customs and traditions. He was speaking english but mixing sinhal words in it which made the tour even more interesting.

Temple of the Tooth

  • had lunch in some local restaurant - our first traditional rice and curry (paid 800 rupies for both) which was very spicy but very good and then walked around the Kandy lake.

  • We decided to climb up to the Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue before sunset. Young budhist monk greeted us with words "Come, come". (paid entrance fee of 200 rupees each). There was an amazing view on Kandy and its surroundings. We got there at the time of evening prayer which was loudly repeated from a speaker. This created specific magic atmosphere to this place.

Video showing the view from the Budha statue during the evenning prayer

  • We finished the day with amazing dinner from our host in Sevana Guest House. We had homemade pumpkin soup, traditional chicken rice an curry and fruit plate as a dessert. We can only recommend this place as the food was very delicious.
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