Day 22 - Colombo

  • we took express highway bus from Negombo to Colombo in the morning (travel time only 45 minutes, paid 120 rupees each)
  • got out in Pettah - large open market with everything
  • stopped by local guy who was saying he is working in harbour and his ship is not leaving until 3 pm. He offered to go with us and show us all the nice places in Colombo (Gangaramaya temple, Cinnamon gardens etc.). He was also saying he does not want any money and he just wants to help us. We got suspicious when he stopped tuk tuk and wanted us to get in for local price. When we asked how much he did not want to tell, just saying it is going to be local price. We insisted on price for the tuk tuk and he said it is going to be 2000 rupees. We said we are not interested and said goodbay to them both. Later we learned from our travel guide that we met clasical cheat which is claiming to work for trustworthy institution to get attention and trust.
  • We stopped tuk tuk ourselves and went for 150 rupees to the Gangaramaya temple - one of the most important Buddhist temple in Colombo.

  • walked through Colombo streets and checked few clothes and souvenier shops.
  • visited Viharamahadevi park, bought some souveniers in Barefoot shop and visited Seema Malaka temple designed by famous architect Geoffrey Bawa.

Viharamahadevi park

Seema Malaka temple

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