Day 21 - Leaving Unawatuna - Colombo - Negombo

  • We left Unawatuna in the morning, catched bus to Galle railway station and boarded train to Colombo.
  • We enjoyed beautiful views of the ocean as the train was going along the shore (travel time 2 hours 30 minutes, paid 180 rupees each 2nd class)
  • arrived to Colombo Fort station after 1 pm and experienced real asian railway station. The platform was crowded and we were making our way out through houndreds of people.

  • we had lunch in the floating market close to the bus station before getting to bus to Negombo (we booked hotel in Negombo because it is closer to the airport) 
  • catched bus to Negombo (travel time 1 hour 30 minutes, paid 120 rupees both).
  • Checked in to our guest house in Negombo and went for a walk to the city.

Negombo Lagoon

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