Day 17 – Leaving Tissamahrama – Bus to Weligama – Beaches of the South

  • We took direct bus from Tissamaharama to Weligama. It was the Galle express bus (we paid around 100 rupees, travel time apprx. 2 hours).
  • Arrived to our guesthouse Surf Bay Resort around noon, checked-in and ordered dinner for the evening – fresh fish from the market with salad.
  • Went to see the town, had quick lunch (fried noodles) in local eatery (paid around 500 rupees for both).
  • Decided to spend the rest of the day on the beach.
  • Found beach chairs and ordered fresh juice from passion fruit and relaxed on the beach – collecting seashells, chatting with locals and watching the ocean.

  • Had amazing fresh Mackerel for dinner. This was the best seafood we had in Sri Lanka. (In all the guesthouses the food was amazing. They made it from fresh ingrediences at your order, bought that day from the local farmers. The food made our accomodation absolutelly fabulous in all the places.)
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