Day 16 – Tissamahrama – Safari Yala

  • We visited well preserved Dagobas in the Tissamaharama (Sandarigi dagoba andTissamaharama Dagoba). The great thing was that there were almost no tourists.

  • We spent there morning and returned to our guesthouse to arrange safari to the Bundalla or Yala national park. We met another young couple from the UK. They were staying in the same guesthouse and we agreed on going to the safari together. The Yala park block 1 (part of the park where most of the tourist are going) was closed in September but there was block 4 opened.  We met our driver and guide who recommended block 4 and gave us decent price 4500 rupees each.
  • We met mother elephant with her baby elephant on the way to the safari. They were so amazing.

  • The safari was great. We were driving through the park and tracking the animals. We felt that this was the real safari. Our guide was very nice and had good english. He explained about the animals and their life and history.

  • We saw elephants, wild water buffalos, snake killer, crocodiles, many different birds, monkeys, deers, Sri Lanka national bird.
  • Came back to Tissa late evening, had quick dinner and went to sleep tired but happy to see that there is still place for animals to live in their natural habitat with only little interaction with the humans.
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