Day 15 - leaving Arugam Bay - Bus to Tissamaharama - Kataragama evening ceremony

  • We left Arugam Bay in the morning after delicious breakfast in our guesthouse Nice Place. They had the best fresh fruit coctails in Sri Lanka.
  • The bus station is in Potuvill which is apprx. 3 km from Arugam Bay. There is unfortunately no direct bus to Tissamaharama. We took bus to Monaragale (Paid 100 rupees each, travel time apprx.2 hours), changed bus to Buttala (paid 40 rupees each, travel time apprx. 30 minutes), took bus from Buttala to Kataragama (apprx. 1 hour and half, paid 75 rupees each).
  • Bus from Buttala to Kataragama was going through the Yala National park area. We were very lucky and met an elephant on the road. He was marching towards our bus. The bus was almost empty and the bus driver was so kind to us that he stopped and let us take pictures. The elephant stopped as well next to our bus and we were almost able to touch him. This made our day.

  • Bus from Kataragama took 30 minutes. We arrived to Tissamaharama around 3 pm and checked in to our guesthouse 
    Lake Edge Holiday Inn by the lake Debera which was dried at that time.
  • We chatted with the owner for a while and she recommended evening buddhist ceremony in Kataragama 
  • took bus to Kataragama, had quick dinner in local eatery (very spicy)
  • headed to the Sacred area where the evening ceremony is taking place every day and saved our spot next to Maha Devale
  • People were slowly filling the open space around the main shrine. Many people were performing different religious ceremonies - breaking coconuts, singing, praying etc.
  • we watched the ceremony for quite a while.

Video: Ceremony in Kataragama


  • got back to Tissa late evening


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