Day 14 - Arugam Bay

  • We went to Yoga on the beach in the morning. It was very refreshing to strech after those long bus trips we experienced in previous days.
  • decided to rent bikes for the rest of the day and cycled few kilometrs along the beach. The bikes were really bad and one of them had flat tire.

  • fortunatelly we were able to exchange it for motorbike (scooter) in our guesthouse.
  • decided to go to the forest Kudumbigala Monastery. The way there was very interesting. There is almost no civilization south of Arugam Bay. We were driving the scooter through jungle and dried lake area roughly 25 km.

  • The forest monastery was very beautiful and peaceful.
  • We climbed up to the Belumgala rock and enjoyed amazing view of Arugam bay area. We were the only tourists there which made the experience even better.

Video:Belumgala rock:


  • We stopped in the only shop/restaurant in Panama - small village on the way to Arugam Bay and bought cold Sprite and Coca cola in the retro bottles as we were very thirsty. It was amazing.
  • In the evening we went for dinner to Samanthas Folly on the beach and then relaxed on the beach chairs for a while.
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