Day 13 - Leaving Nuwara Eliya - Bus to Arugam Bay - Arugam Bay

  • Unfortunatelly there is no direct bus from Nuwara Eliya to Arugam Bay
  • we took early bus from Nuwara Eliya to Wellawaya (apprx 2 hours and 200 rupees each), changed to bus to Monaragala (travel time 1 hour, price 50 rupees)
  • We had to wait for bus to Arugam Bay in Monaragala for 2 hours and witnessed small fight between two local political parties. Some locals explained to us that they are fighting about which bus go to Arugam Bay first - the governmentally owned or the privatly owned one. The bus ride was long and the bus was fully packed (travel time around 3 hours, price 250 rupees each).

Monaragala bus station

  • We arrived to Arugam Bay late afternoon and started to look for some place to sleep.
  • After seeing few places we decided to stay in Nice Place (The lady running the place was very nice and offered us discount - we paid 2800 rupees per night).
  • We walked along the shore in the evening and planned the next day program.

Arugam bay beach

  • Finished the day with great dinner in our guesthouse - traditional rice and curry - fish and chicken


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