Day 11 - Leaving Dambulla - train to the mountains - Nuwara Eliya

  • We woke up early to catch an early bus to Kandy. We had booked tickets in first class in train from Kandy to Nanu Oya (train station close to Nuwara Eliya) which was leaving Kandy/Peradenyia at 12:35.
  • Got to Peradenyia around 10:30 and waited 2 hours in the train station.
  • The train was very slow but it gave us time to enjoy views of tea plantations and mountains (travel time 4 hours, price 700 rupees each).

  • Met Mihal - older Tamil driver who took us to our hotel for 500 rupees and offered to show us tea plantations, waterfalls and tea factories the next day for 3000 rupees.

Video: train to Nanu Oya

  • we checked in to Silver Star Inn -  guesthouse with very specific and eccentric decoration - christmas lights, old TV, artifical flowers :)))

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