Day 10 - Off the beaten tourist path


  • we decided that we go to see the less tourist places in the Dambulla region:

Nalanda Gedige - small shrine which is well preserved but not visited by many tourist due to its location

We took bus from Dambulla to Matale and get off on Gedige road junction (we paid around 50 rupees each for the bus trip). Walked around 1 km to see it (entrance is free). There were no turists and the place was magic - second Indiana Jones places we saw in Sri Lanka.

Nalanda Gedige close to Matale/Dambulla road

Aluvihara Rock Cave Temple

After spending morning in the Nalanda Gedige we catched bus to Matale (another 50 rupees each) and got off the bus roughly 2 km before Matale in front of the Aluvihara monastery.

Aluvihara monastery

Sri Muthumariamman Temple

We finished the day in Matale. Visited hinduist temple (entrance fee 100 rupees each).


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